Special Features

  • The Survey Says

In this section, we will examine the opinions, beliefs and assumptions of many in society, as it pertains to their overall views of black males in America. As a part of this discussion, we will explore stereotypes, taboos and preconceived notions that help to drive the negative narrative attributed to African American men, how they came to exist, and what fuels them today.


  • By The Numbers


Perhaps the most useful resource in this book, this section  will provide data and statistics that directly address each of the issues explored within the chapter. Challenging widely held misconceptions about black males in America, such as the erroneous belief that there are more black males in prison than there are in college, or the false narrative that black males are more prone to violence than other members of American society, this section will help to arm the reader with accurate information, facts and empirical evidence that they can use to help reshape a false narrative. Those pesky things called facts are always critical when wading into the raging debate on race and culture in America.


  • Prescriptions For Progress


After considering the opinions and perspectives of others as it relates to their views on black males in “THE SURVEY SAYS”,  and providing the requisite facts and figures each reader needs to inform their own perspectives in “BY THE NUMBERS”, we will then offer thoughtful solutions on what to do next in “PRESCRIPTIONS FOR PROGRESS.”

As an author committed to chronicling the truth in a way that examines all sides of the argument, while offering a compellingly transparent perspective buttressed by unassailable evidence, my aim is to present to you, the reader, a seminal narrative that will last the test of time. To that end, it is my hope that Still Invisible? will be for you what Invisible man was for me: the definitive narrative of what it means to be a Black man in a White country.

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