Look Inside

What the Book includes: 

Still invisible?  is an explosive narrative that examines many of the reasons black males have been left behind in the shadows of the twenty-first century economy and the mainstream of accepted American culture.

List of  Chapters:

  • Born with a Birthmark
  • 500 Years of Lynchings
  • From Three Fifths to Sixty – Six Percent
  • The System Isn’t Broken
  • Confronting Uncomfortable Stereotypes
  • Niggers, Niggaz , Black and African Americans
  • #CrimingWhileWhite: Acknowledging Racial Privilege
  • The message in the media
  • “The nigger in the White House” ; Post-racial America in the age of Obama.
  • “We can’t breathe”: Black Men and the Police
  • What Do You Call a Black Man with a Ph.D ?
  • The Impact of Invisibility
  • Not Your Father’s Revolution: The Rise of Millenial Leadership
  • A Prescription for Progress

Special Features

  • Highlights, quotes and flashbacks from Ralph Ellison’s acclaimed novel, Invisible Man
  • In-Depth Interviews with Leading Black Males figures in America on the issues of race and culture
  • Back matter for the book will include an appendix with further resources and recommended reading as well as an index
  • And much, much more.