Still Invisible? is a unique twist on a revered American classic that pays homage to Ralph Ellison’s work, The Invisible Man, while contemporizing its message for a new generation of readers. It is a painful, yet necessary expose on the true life hardships faced by black males today, while weaving together a narrative of hope and possibility should America collectively agree that failure is not an option.


“He’s invisible, a walking personification of the Negative, the most perfect achievement of your dreams, sir! The mechanical man!” 

– Ralph Ellison, “Invisible Man” (Shmoop Editorial Team. 3.299)

What Makes This Book Different?

It has often been said, “You’re only as strong as your weakest link.” Still Invisible? is an explosive narrative that examines many of the reasons black men have been left behind in the shadows of a twenty-first century economy. The goal of this work is to remind America that the problems we will explore throughout this book are not just Black America’s problem, its America’s problem! Just as importantly, this book, not only examines the current and, if nothing is done, future prospects  for countless black males.

Still Invisible? is more than a narrative on the challenges facing Black males. After all, everyone recognizes there’s a problem, and another book simply highlighting those challenges does very little to address the issues at hand, contribute to meaningful and substantive dialogue, or offer reasonable solutions on how to help make Black America better. What makes this book different from anything else you have ever read, however, is that it provides the reader with the tools and resources they need to factually contextualize the issues facing black men today, while not letting anyone off the hook for the problems we need to overcome–be they self-inflicted wounds or perpetrated by the state.

Narrated by Lady Justice  the symbolic embodiment of moral justice and fair play in the judicial system, each chapter of Still Invisible? not only features the shared experiences of African-American males from all walks of life–from working class men striving to make ends meet, to power professionals and recognizable figures–all of whom get that same feeling in their stomach whenever they see the police. This riveting, twenty-first century non-fiction narrative will also provide the reader with the tools and resources they need to accurately and factually contextualize the issues facing black men today, while taking into account the attitudes and perspectives of those who experience them differently.

Still Invisible? is a MUST read for the #Woke and those who are #StillWaking.